i love fashion because i know fashion its never die, its a reason why i loves fashion and i want to work in it. i love fashion because i want to be a fashionable and i love style because i want to be a stylish. so i just imagine..... and make it in a small experiance. bad or good its not a big problem. Because i trust that every people have their style and character and maybe it would be unique if i match it all : D Im still learning, i try, i do, and i make it best as i can. studyhard and workhard in the job what you loves. I Love arts too, i like paintings, colour, i love to match colour hihi. And i want to being a model :P :P :P model in magz or a model in catwalk (but i know for sure im not slim and tall :'( ).............the last, i love photography, and edited photo. God gives you a magic brain why you dont use it? so many things that we dont know 'what-a-miracle'


some people its talk about bad things about you? and you did it too? you fly in the highest sky, and then you drop down.... Life is up and down, and its normal. So what you care about my personally? its unimportant