I think i couldn't feel falling in love again, at least maybe 6/7 months later after i broke up with my ex. But... DANGDANG!!, i love him. For me he's so cutie, chubby, white, silly, aaa i love him♥♥. He's my sweetest drugs, so i think im addicted with him :D:D:D i wanna copy something, check it out guys!
Amadeo Julio, From twitter:
...I can't do anything when you look into my eyes,your eyes is my weakness,I love you babe..@KarinaAndetians
...I remember when she sick,I'm so worried and I can't sleep.. @KarinaAndetians
...I remember our first date when I listening this cd from @KarinaAndetians :) http://mypict.me/vN06
...Javarockinland 08-08-2009 unforgetable moment!
...I miss when she said"sayang ko km cina bgt si!!!"Aaaaaa I miss her!!
...@KarinaAndetians I'm here babe.. Don't be sad.. I love youu
...@KarinaAndetians jgn lupa sholat ya sayang,I love you :)
...@KarinaAndetians selamat sahur sayang :)
HUHU, i miss him already. Now what he doing is SLEEP LIKE A COW (so cutie) even we're in a different religion. we make it easy. its not a big problem.... i think! ;)