For me the best time to thing about someting its in the middle of the night like this. when i am the one who's awake. I can see everything clearly. I know its unhealthy life but i've nothing to do. i just cant stop thinking about something and it push me up to always think.

Juat in one month later i would say "Hello my collegy world" I dont know..... sometimes i think "The high school moment always the best for everyone" but now we're counting the months to leave the high school time. to much memories who's can make me cry, happy, mad and everything's unforgattable

The love bird, the brutallity. the happiness, the madness. Im not ready to leave it. but i was wrong cause i left it first since 7 months ago. I-AM-VERY-UPSET. now im totally learned with anything that i've done and i feel more mature its because me and all my friends who's support me either with a good or bad ways. whatever.

And i would be a college girl first than all of my friends. sometimes i have to walk in the past to know everything or maybe must through the pain first to know how to be a better person? the bad times doesnt matter you havent a good times. cause a good times its so unpredictable.


Private school or now everyone's known homeschooling. Mostly people choose the homeschooling with many reasons either they have a problems, have a bad immorality, bad grades in school, uncomfortable in their school, have many activites, leave the class, have problem with their teacher & friends? YEA WHATEVER. Actually homeschooling have a free program about the clothes and flexible times. You can wear whatever you need and when you have a free times. Most of people become more lazy person but some people are not. This is my true story cause i choose the homeschooling. I never thought to become a lazy person cause have more times free than all of my friends. Positive side is, when i have free times to do whatever i need and explore my skill in another activites. I love paintings, design, photography, modelling, writing, and all something new like i need to try. I need to have more programs in language either english, french, mandarin, german. Sometimes i feels like "dont you think that youre a lucky person cause you have many times to do whatever you need, and more times to sleep" but sometimes i feels like " i envy you girls, you still wear "putih abu-abu" but im not. you have a dialiy routine with your friends" but people are never satisfied. am i right? i realized i lost half of my high school moments, but i promise... i promise!!! i dont make it regret in the end of my life. Whatever will be, just will be. is it worth it for me?


Coffe and ciggarettes become an addicted for some people. Start the day, when you wake up in the morning most people they took the coffee and ciggarettes, especially people who get busy. What you think about it? i wrote this blog cause it really happened with me. To start my day, some coffee, cappuccino and ciggarettes. I know its unhealty life but it become an addicted or the bad habits. Sometimes i think i need to start the new day and chage the bad habits or at least 'same like ciggarettes from the shape or whatever' but not demage ourselves but to be a healty person. Could it be? hmmm if i could make it hahaha. I really need to quit smoke but its really hard. dont you feel it? So how could i stop it. Ciggarettes same like a friend when youre alone and nothing to do. When youre thinking about something ciggarettes like my friend. Kinda desetable ya? but i know maybe its not just happened to me. Im trying to quit it. The questions is. Everyone knows if its something bad habit but why we're still do it? answer to your self :-) and make a change guys