Happy new year ya all. How's your new year eve? mine was great. I celebrate my NYE with my lovely family in bandung. Im too shy to say that this is the 1st time. I decide to not celebrate it in the club, cause i've always do it since 3 years ago. When im count time to 2010, i have many wishes and i pray to god... "god please make my dream come true, cause 2009 its miserable for me, im gonna make this year more better than ever" amin. and 1..2..3.. (i am in the top of bandung city so i can see everyone played the fireworks) and i said "Bismilahirahmanirahim..." kinda sad, excited, and terribly happy.

Januari 2009
All of my friends going to embass, and also me too. Honestly, i dont need to come... me & my bestfriend (Nina) need to go to mosque. But this plan "totally failed" guess what? im celebrate it in the parking area....... GODDAMNIT, so this is the hell world beggining

Februari 2009
my life more than worst, the worst thing ever.. everrr. Im out from my high school. Yea, yea.

March 2009
im totally forget

April 2009
21 Apr 2009, im official 17. Got lil surprised from my friends & ex-boyfriend.

Mei-Aug 2009
I've met with my boyfriend now. 08-08-09 in Java Rockin' Land. Hehehe

Sep-Dec 2009
I've learned anything.. closer with my family. Nothing special. My life still worst & i make a great plan for 2010. So... Here we go, lets make a change. Life's good


Hi, i havent update my blog since... 1/2 weeks ago. What you think about... 2009? is it your lucky year? Absolutely no for me ya. I need to know what your wishes, hopes and dream for 2010. I dont mind anything yet. But i will. Hbu? Btw this months all of the people starting to holiday. Cristmas & New year eve. Apparently my holiday seemed flat.. and i dont have a plan exception going to bali on january. The only one my dream is.... going to paris rather than stay at Jakarta shitty. Maybe this is a perfect view Paris now for this cristmas party

Le plus bel endroit! A guhhhhhreat place for holiday, lots of luxury hotel, Fahion, Good chocolate taste, and the perfect eiffle tower. THERE ARE SOMETHING TRULY AMAZING FOR ME TALK ABOUT :) and the one and only is Strasbourg was nice and unusual. Overall Paris is... A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

2009 is not my lucky year, fast forward to 2010. I can feel that 2010 is better than 2009. Anyone feel it too? Most of people feel it. But so far.... 2009 is the year when im 17 years old, had a baddest problem evaaaaaaah! and all bad things! I just make a good plan for 2010 but i need some help. Will you? :P

From my experiance, new year eve always in the club. Oh foooh its bored. I need something different in 2010. Not in the club. Hmmmm Bbq party maybe? Or garden party with best friends? and i need to count down 2010 in mosque, pray to god.. tell anything what i want.. forget about the past.. the better days will come <3

I WAS ECSTATIC when i heard that steave aoki and tiesto would come to Bali. Bali-Jkt-Bali-Jkt... oh, what should i choose? i need to spend my NYE with my friends, but in the different side i really need to have a quality time with my boyfriend and my family. I havent celebrate it with my family.

Dear 2010, please be my lucky year..... i need a change! change me.. change everything. make it good. make a new me on my canvas, colour me make it something beautiful for everyone see. I need u, im begg you. Goodbye 2009...... it woul be my looooong history. HELLO 2010. heureuse nouvelle année et le jour de Noël :)